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Russia 1.4
Moscow 1.4
St. Petersburg 1.5
Ukraine 6.1
Poland 1.6
Israel 1.6
China 1.3
UK 1.2
Japan 1.6
Germany 1.5
Sweden 1.3
Austria .09
Spain 1.6
Italy 1.6
Canada 1.0
Switzerland 1.5
USA .08
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Andorra Andorra, parliamentary principality, southwestern Europe, situated in the eastern Pyrenee Mountains, bordered on the north and east by France, and on the south and west by Spain. Also called Valleys of Andorra, the country has an area of 468 sq km (181 sq mi) and a population (2000 estimate) of 67,673. The overall population density is 145 persons per sq km (375 per sq mi). The capital is Andorra la Vella (population, 1996 estimate, 21,985). Andorra is a region of narrow valleys and mountain peaks that reach heights of more than 2,700 m (about 8,860 ft). The principal stream is the Valira River. The land has iron and lead deposits and marble quarries; forests of pine and birch are found on the mountains, and low-lying areas have pastureland where sheep are grazed. Andorra has no railroad or airport but possesses an excellent road system. The native-born inhabitants of Andorra (only about one-fourth of the entire population) are Catalan in ancestry and language; Spanish and French immigrants make up the majority of the remainder.


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